About Us

In 2008 We opened our doors. RIGHT CHOICE AUTOMOTIVE, one of the best used car dealerships in Phoenix, is the dream of two brothers from Detroit Michigan, Aubrey and Steven Strickstein. Growing up in the Motor City its not surprising that the Strickstein's have gasoline and motor oil in their veins.

Aubrey is a classic car collector who has sold many Muscle cars over the years. His garage usually has one or two muscle cars. A successful businessman, Aubrey has worked for Fortune 500 companies and ran his own business. But cars are his passion.

Steven has worked in many different areas of the dealership world from sales to management over the past 23 years. Being a serious gearhead and an avid motorsport enthusiast, Steve has participated in many sports car rallys, road races and autocross events. Don't start talking about cars with Steve, you will be there a while.

The Strickstein family came to the Valley of the Sun in the early 1990's. Why not open a dealership with a different attitude? Clean cars with lots of life left that buyers will enjoy! For cars and trucks the Valley of the Sun is a perfect environment. Time seems to stand still.

One walk through the inventory at Right Choice Automotive and you will see that we specialize in Asian & European Cars.

Each used car on our lot has been carefully selected from the thousands available to us weekly. We run Carfax reports on every vehicle BEFORE we purchase. This insures we are offering quality cars and trucks. We then have our cars inspected 3 times! First at the auction for major mechanical and accidents. Second the vehicle is inspected by our certified mechanic for all major system functions . Finally each used car has to pass strict emission standards. We are picky to insure we offer you what you need to make the RIGHT CHOICE! 

When we are sure a qualifying car has what it takes we then detail each car for perfection.  We deep clean the interior with a heavy duty carpet cleaner and green solutions! That is why our cars smell clean THEY ARE! Finally the exterior is waxed and buffed to make sure it is ready for you to enjoy!

Don't take our word for it. Check us out on the web. We have hundreds of extremely happy customers.

It is our goal to help you make the RIGHT CHOICE!